Case Studies

Dubai Lynx

We created a “Future Machine” for the Dubai Lynx conference. Anyone who tweeted #collectiveBKP hashtag – would be instantly displayed on the big screen inside the Future Machine – which in the end provides a prophecy for the user who activated.


• 400+ unique Tweets / activations in 2 days
• 400+ unique and direct brand-consumer interactions in 2 days
• Additional data captured: user location, time of activation, user results/messaging.

Chosen Moments

Chosen Moments was a live, real-time audio-visual performance which allowed the seated audience to become part of the band by using people’s Tweets to trigger audio and visual effects and sequences on the stage. People were able to tweet keywords such as “loop” “echo” “glitch” and more to activate those types of effects in real-time.


• 80+ unique Tweets / activations in 5 minutes during the performance
• TED rewarded the participants via social channel – rewards and congratulatory messages

Toronto Animation Festival

We built a real-time, dynamic trivia game that was played by the audience before and after feature films. The game allowed anyone to play via Tweeting the correct answer for the trivia game. This created the opportunity for the brand and the festival to connect with their market and announce winners and prizes via social media automatically.


• 350+ unique Tweets / activations in 2 day
• 30+ games played in multiple theater rooms
• Additional data captured: usernames, points, correct answers, direct brand engagement

TED x Toronto

We created an adaptive sensory environment that captured all kinds of ‘activity’ in the main conference lobby area. We captured people’s movement, noise, proximity to displays, Tweet mentions, and used these data points to shape the visual outcome of the visualization and the music being played in the lobby area.


• 900+ unique Tweets /activations in 2 days
• 40+ unique musical compositions created by the collective community at the event
• 900+ brand mentions on Twitter

TED x Women

We created a way for the audience to engage with the TED presentation even during the feature talks. We built a responsive visualization that filtered social media for TEDxWomen mentions in real-time, and an audio system that recognized key words spoken by the presenter. We then connected the presenter and the audience member when the same topic/word was mentioned – and visualized this on the displays in the venue.


• 200+ unique Tweets / activations during the conference day

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