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Activation experiences are ideal for engaging your target market in an instant but memorable way. While the activation provides a personalized and exciting activation for the user, it results in massive social media trending for the brand. 


Instant engagement: No logins or app downloads required. To engage and activate the experience, simply Tweet the required keyword or hashtag and instantly see yourself in the experience on the big screen.

Personalized experience: Each activation is personalized for each individual user. We can display user avatars and/or usernames in a creative unique way within the visual experience.

Integrated rewards: Announcing rewards or sending discounts and prizes is simple due to an already integrated social system via activation.

Multiplayer engagement: We can have the experience tailored around one individual, or can allow multiple people to engage and play at the same time.

Visual customization: The experience can be customized in any visual manner – animations, trailers, product videos and more – all themed around your branding.

Real-time: All of our interaction and engagement is always in real-time. Meaning that any activations or user inputs happen and respond instantly, always.

featured project

The Future Machine

We created a “Future Machine” which activated and took the user (his personalized avatar) through an animated experience which provided the user with a prophecy at the end of it’s calculation.


The Drastic Box is a simple plug-n-play solution for instantly turning any display into an interactive experience.

Drastic Dashboard

Use the on-line dashboard to manage, activate and customize any application / experience. View real-time data analytics for any digital or physical engagement.

Drastic Box

Use the box to instantly turn any display into an interactive experience. Manage the box remotely via the dashboard and activate any experience on it.

Remote Deployment

Remotely update the Drastic Box, sensors, firmware, and activate experiences.

Data Analytics

Captures physical & digital interaction data and streams to Drastic Cloud.

Interactive Sensors

Allows for any kind of physical / digital sensor integration (motion, proximity, iBeacons, gestures, touch, etc.)


Customize, activate and monitor any experiences, your audience, devices and more.

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