proximity based experiences

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responsive marketing

Connect with your audience in a truly frictionless and personalized manner. Have your displays “activate” and display dynamic content based on a consumer’s proximity to the display.

proximity activation


The experience

Using proximity to engage your target audience allows you to create multi-layer interaction between the consumer and your brand. Have one kind of image,animation or message display at one specific distance, and another kind of message at a different distance. Have your screens react to one or multiple people at once. Use beacons, motion sensors or proximity sensors to have your displays activate and react to persons near it.

• Personalized

• Instant & real time

• Responsive to consumer distance from display

• All consumer interaction data captured and streamed to cloud

• No apps / downloads required

1. Dynamic branded intro screen 

Introduce your branded experience with a dynamic animated screen ‘waiting’ to respond to anyone walking within the ‘key’ proximity of the display.

2. Personalized welcome animation

Pleasantly surprise your target consumer by personally thanking them for activating the experience or welcoming them back to your location.

3. Easily integrate rewards

Easily integrate points / rewards / discounts that can be displayed on the big screen as a thank you for the consumer.

4. Play featured content

Play your featured content while ‘attaching’ a personalized activation announcement showcasing the key consumer who triggered the experience.

5. Personalized thank you

Thank your consumer in a creative visual way, still giving them presence on the big screen for everyone to see.

6. Thank you from the sponsor

Easily integrate third party sponsors for consumer rewards and thank you messages.

Plug-n-Play Setup

The Drastic Box is a simple plug-n-play solution for instantly turning any display into an interactive experience.

Drastic Dashboard

Use the on-line dashboard to manage, activate and customize any application / experience. View real-time data analytics for any digital or physical engagement.

Drastic Box

Use the box to instantly turn any display into an interactive experience. Manage the box remotely via the dashboard and activate any experience on it.

Remote Deployment

Remotely update the Drastic Box, sensors, firmware, and activate experiences.

Data Analytics

Captures physical & digital interaction data and streams to Drastic Cloud.

Interactive Sensors

Allows for any kind of physical / digital sensor integration (motion, proximity, iBeacons, gestures, touch, etc.)


Customize, activate and monitor any experiences, your audience, devices and more.

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